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Legal TranslationCentral Translations has specialised in Legal Document Translation for the last 30 years.  During this time we have gained valuable experience in picking appropriately skilled, expert linguists and supporting their work with glossaries, dictionaries and our own in-house knowledge.


We have lengthy experience translating in the following fields:


Claim and Response Packs

expert opinions, contracts

legal agreements


court judgements

witness statements


terms & conditions, privacy policies etc


Our approach

We cannot overstate the importance of getting the right person to do the right job.  From a linguistic perspective, law is a wide ranging sector.  Even within, for example, commercial law technical language and “terms of art” vary hugely depending on whether you are translating a commercial agreement, a property lease, a litigation matter etc.More about Translation Agency UK


In spite of the fact that the original contract is almost always the leading / authoritative document, getting the translation absolutely correct is essential.  Decision making requires precise information.  Language matters.


Example: IPO of World Online, Netherlands, 2000, at that time the largest ever Dutch IPO


The share price collapsed shortly after the listing as it emerged that the founder, Nina Brink, had sold many of her shares before the flotation at a price well below the initial offering price.  Much of the controversy centred on whether the prospectus disclosure that the shares had been “transferred” should have made clear that the shares were in fact sold.  It’s very clear that the meaning of just one word can have a dramatic impact not just on a sentence or paragraph, but on an entire transaction.


Our years of experience and our extensive work with many of the world’s leading legal translators, in many cases over decades, mean that we have an …