Qiu Qiu

If Somebody Asked Me I’d Say…

  1. Not knowing what it takes to be a winner.

Being driven by unreality and false hopes. It takes 52.38% winners to break even. Seasoned pros understand that at least 50% of all pointspread decisions are decided by serendipity…a random stroke of good or bad fortune. Respect, even fear, the Luck Factor. Be satisfied with anything around 60% winners and be grateful for anything above it.

  1. Being undisciplined in managing your money.

Letting losses depress or immobilize you; impulsively forcing the action in an irrational way. You’re not going to be a winner with foolish money management. There’s no such thing as the law of averages in sports betting. Never bet more than twice your normal play no matter how promising a game may look. Trying to get even (e.g., on a Monday night) can be a curse. View the handicapping exercise as you would a 12-round fight. You’re not going to win every round; it’s the overall final decision that counts. Establish a steady pattern of play. Remember, if you play too fast, you can’t last. And if you play too slow, you gotta’ go. Moderation is the key. Just like in life itself.

  1. Lacking patience.

Failing to look for every edge, both in the pointspread dissection and the current up-to-date assessment of the teams. Shop for the best prices on each game. A half-point here and a point there is often the difference between a winning or losing season. Don’t play bad numbers. If you’re dealing with only one source, you’re going to be at a disadvantage. Don’t overreact to injury reports, especially those involving high-profile players. The pointspread will usually reflect the news by the time you hear it. And besides, good teams often compensate while the opposition may become overconfident.

  1. Failing