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When to Call and When to Bet”Somebody’s got to keep him honest,” Tom said, calling the bet. The next player to act raised. The original bettor reraised. And poor Tom folded.


“Betting is more a matter of feel than science,” *pimp…* explained to me years ago in Gardena. I had folded before the draw. He had drawn two cards to queens with an ace kicker and made aces up. I knew this for a fact, because he showed me. Because he didn’t want other players around us to hear, his voice was low and conspiratorial. He immediately was raised by a pleasant 97-year-old woman in a frayed pantsuit — well, maybe not 97, but close enough. He called reluctantly, and lost. Poor *pimp…*.


We were playing hold’em and young Harry said, “I’m going to fold. You’ve been bluffing too many times. I think this time you’ve got it.” He threw his cards away proudly. The man he was addressing then said, “You shoulda called me, son,” turning over a jack high with a smirk. He had missed a straight. Poor Harry.


I’m not singling those three players out for ridicule. Sometimes it seems as though these same mistakes are made by practically every Tom, *pimp…*, and Harry you meet at the poker table. And because these mistakes are so common, I think we should examine them today.


Tom’s Mistake


How many times have you heard that “Gotta keep ’em honest” line on casino en ligne francais? Well, there’s a bit of truth in it, because if you never call with questionably strong hands, your opponent can bluff whenever he chooses and will beat your brains out. Now, I tend to be a guy who thinks getting your brains beat out is bad …