Round 18 – Togel Online now it is Dwan in the Lead

Togel Online
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11,000 hand mark advances.


The million dollar, multiple table higher stakes poker confronted on 50,000 number of hands instigated by Tom Dwan bordered a bit closer to accomplishment last night when Patrick Antonius and Dwan battled in additional 803 number of hands that saw Dwan extract the lead from his rival to appear out forward in the general competition so far with $78,062.


The 2 poker aces have presently played eighteen numbers of sessions on a sum of thrity-four hours and twenty minutes.


Standard pot size was about 4,124 dollars in the newest approximately three hour confrontation among the reports MarketPulse, two skilled online gambling players, and autonomous stats site which has been chasing the challenge.


Dwan took $155,000 in the biggest hand of night after bumping a back door flush. 64,269,981 dollars in sum has been gambled by the duo in their impressive confrontations so far. Total amount gambled in the challenge, having 10,983 hands played for 21.96% of 50,000 necessitated to accomplish this online poker epic. acquires social games developer Mytopia


The importance of social networking and gaming was again underlined this week when online gambling operator and software provider announced the acquisition of the assets comprising the Mytopia social Togel Online games development studio from Real Dice Inc.


The consideration payable for the assets consists of a base price and additional earn-out adjustments.


The base price of $18 million will be paid as follows: $12 million cash payment upon completion and an additional $6 million payable in cash upon meeting certain milestones connected to the mobile and social networking games prior to 31 December 2011.


An additional earn out payment in cash will be made calculated on the basis of net profit for the calendar year 2011. The total maximum consideration payable by 888 to the vendor is capped at $48 million.


The assets acquired comprise:


A games development studio, specialising in developing cross-platform social games for smartphones, mobile handsets and social networking platforms including Facebook.


Numerous games, including “Bingo Island 2″ (one of the top Bingo applications on Facebook) and a social poker application using the “Pacific Poker” brand.


A real-time multiplayer mobile poker application available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and J2ME handsets which has been installed by more than 1,000,000 users globally.


A technology platform for hosting and operating real-time social games on social networks and mobile.


A software licence for Particle Code, a cross-platform application development framework for mobile devices and tablets.


A spokesman for said the assets will form the cornerstone of 888’s social gaming and mobile strategy, offering a player experience across different platforms. Social network and smartphone gaming applications will also be offered to Dragonfish B2B partners, allowing them to take advantage of this fast-growing area.


During the year ended 31 December 2009 the assets subject of the acquisition generated an unaudited pro-forma loss of $100,000 before tax. The target assets have no significant book value.


Gigi Levy, CEO of 888 Holdings, said: “This is a very exciting deal for 888, and builds on our aim of providing a variety of entertainment destinations where people can enjoy a truly interactive experience on a multitude of platforms.


“Mytopia is one of the leading publishers of cross-platform social-games and this acquisition gives us an immediate footprint in the fast-growing social gaming arena, complementing our core offering and giving us access to millions of customers.


“Improvements in mobile technology now mean more people are comfortable using applications on the move, and we expect significant growth in this area. The acquisition extends 888’s reach and market share in the fast growing social networks and smart mobile devices, such as iPhone and Android powered handsets, and leaves us well positioned to take advantage of this growth.”


Guy Ben-Artzi, CEO of Real Dice, said: “888 understands where the market is going. Mytopia will thrive with 888’s infrastructure and expertise behind it and bring to 888 new revenue streams from virtual goods and microtransactions on social networks and mobile devices.


“We both believe that an advanced social gaming creative and operational capability, along with technology to move faster in critical smartphone and emerging platforms like iPad, is the best way to connect with the next-generation of players.”


Real Dice was founded to develop multiplayer games for social networks and next-generation mobile devices like PalmOS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Symbian platforms. Its focus is on creating rich, immersive games that enable users to play together across multiple platforms in real-time.