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New interactive TV games


Very exciting news here at Titan Casino – we don’t just have a new game on offer, we have an entirely new genre of games for you to play.  TV Games!


As you know, we are always pleased to bring our players the latest developments in online gaming software, especially when it comes to interactivity. As such, TV Games are a welcome addition to the Titan Casino gaming experience.


But what exactly, you might ask, are TV Games?


For starters, they are a more lifelike and interactive gaming format.  This is achieved by the very medium of delivery – streaming video (you’ll need Flash 10 to make it work).


The newly launched TV games are two versions of roulette – Roulette Royal and Club Roulette.


Similar to the online roulette game you’re already familiar with, the TV version features an unparalleled audio visual experience, including a televised presenter, music, and commentary on real-time game statistics.  The video streaming also means more interactivity as it allows players to see each other’s bets.


With a real international spin, the TV roulette games are now available in ten different languages including English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian and Serbian, with other languages on the way.


So if you’re looking for an interactive dimension to your online togelgaming, or just a new game to play, visit Titan Casino now and check out our TV Games.


Looking for an Adrenalin Rush? Look No Further


Enjoy the thrill of live betting


Do you love following live sports?  How about placing a wager on an event?  If you answered “yes” and “yes,” then the Titan Bet live betting feature will most certainly speak to you.


So get your multi-tasking skills ready.  Live betting, as the name implies, allows you to make bets in real-time, while the actual game is going on, greatly adding to your overall entertainment experience.


If you want to stretch your multi-tasking abilities even further, hang out on our one stop shop sports betting site, where you can follow any number of sporting events (and the associated odds) live.


That means based on availability (i.e. dependant on the number of events that actually overlap) you can enjoy live betting on all types of sports and leagues from around the world at the same time, including football, soccer, rugby, tennis, basketball, hockey and more.


To help you stay on top of what’s being played when (i.e. scheduling), the Titan Bet site is updated every day, listing the latest live betting games.


In the rare event that no live bet is available, you will see a message to that effect. In the meantime you can go back to our homepage and choose from our extensive range of pre-event markets and place your advance bets there.