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Catching up to Cash My Bet


You need serious patience, lots of duplicate documents and a tireless email system if you are going to play at Cash My, an RTG-powered online casino that has been giving players the runaround this year. Here’s an example: Player fills out the faxback form and submits it. Nothing happens for weeks. Player chases casino. Casino says they can’t find it. Player duplicates faxback documents, but a few days later when he again chases the casino it appears that the forms have been found but they need another set because the signature is unreadable. Resubmitted, with a request for confirmation of receipt. No response. Live Support contacted but unhelpful and hangs up. More weeks go by, and then another casino fax telling client that the cash-in has been denied due to illegible faxback forms. Forms again sent, and after several days casino requests yet another send. The customer has now sent in these documents at least six times, but he has the patience of Job and does it again. An ominous silence then descends at the casino and the player can get no response to his repeated and anxious emails. Almost six months later the player is still trying to get a moderate payout from Cash My Bet, and they will not even give him the courtesy of communication. It appears that mediators fare no better. Casinomeister took on the task and after three emails without the courtesy of a response he consigned them to the Rogue Casino list. RTG as usual remain silent and apparently uncaring.


Gold Class (Not!)


Another RTG-powered casino is under the spotlight this week due to an overly long payout delay of a mere $2 000. Perhaps these managers all went to the same training course because, you guessed it – they refuse to communicate with the aggrieved player or his mediator. Beware Gold Chain


Evil player


Bryan Bailey, the bossman over at had a run-in with a rather mean-spirited, abrasive player on the message boards this week, but the Slot Gacor¬†player bit off a little more than he could chew. It all started when the player made a number of provocative and unfounded allegations on various sites including Casinomeister regarding Bailey’s integrity in helping out stiffed players and the honesty of one of his advertisers, and implied that the webmaster “censored” posts by deleting them. Exacerbating the situation, no apology was forthcoming when Bailey conclusively disproved the highly personal attacks. And in a late development as we went to press, a disturbing expose on the player’s tactic of falsely signing up people for marketing emails for distasteful sites resulted in him being unceremoniously bundled into the rarely used “Evil Player” section of the site.


Illegal playing strategy?


Venetian Gold which is powered by the quaintly named It’s Not Rocket Science software seems to have a “different” definition of illegal playing strategies, which its T&Cs cite as grounds for voiding winnings. Or perhaps that is just the way the catch-all condition is applied when a player has enjoyed a good win. There’s one disgruntled gambler who has been trying to get a sensible explanation from them for eight months for a disallowed win based on what seems to be a perfectly acceptable wagering pattern – and that’s a fact confirmed by checks with leading Las Vegas pitbosses. Meanwhile the casino has been using a questionable tactic for dealing with the matter – one of simply ignoring the player. And more recent complaints indicate that the payout procedures are not as efficient as they might be – for example excusing non-delivery of a check on the grounds of using the wrong street address…when the player wanted it by NetTeller!


This could take the wind out of your sails


Most online gamblers felt that Winward Casino had overcome its unfortunate past and was firmly on the straight and narrow following a change to DCEG software, but unfortunate happenings there are sounding warning bells. It’s the spectre of “audits” again, like one player who has been struggling to get his deposits and winnings and an explanation for over three months after being told that “…due to an increasingly high rate of fraudulent activities from customers located in San Diego we have, for security reasons put all accounts on hold pending further investigation. We want to reiterate that we have found nothing wrong with your account thus far, but our Fraud management team is investigating all accounts.” Then silence – his numerous emails understandably seeking further details are ignored for week after week, until this: “Based on the results of this investigation Management has decided to close those accounts with similar information among which your account is included.” What “similar information” and surely a more cogent explanation than this is warranted? The player thought so, too but again all his attempts to communicate are ignored, and when he calls management, who are apparently the only folks who can tell him what is happening, they are “out”. If this is not your idea of good customer relations, this is not the casino for you – and there is some doubt on the veracity of that non-linking IGC logo on-site.


Tithes on the Tiber


Be aware that Roman seems to be charging its players arbitrarily for their cashouts. Here’s a typical “notification”, “It was a fee for all the unnecessary costs you gave Roman Casino. This message is in reference to the following withdrawals you made on November 14th, 2002: $110, $27 and $35.” They charged the player an arbitrary $40 for this and it is not an isolated instance. And with almost Imperial arrogance casino management refuses to even discuss the matter. You can see the full detail at Gambling Grumbles over at