Roulette is the oldest of all the casino games. A roulette wheel is round and has 38 separately numbered pockets in which the rotating ball may land. The numbers change back and forth between red and black; the first red number is number one. 0 and 00 are both green. If a player bets on a single number, he is paid 35 to 1. This means that the casino has the advantage of 2 out of every 38 spins. So, roulette, like any other gaming event must rely on both luck and strategy.




You may bet on two numbers by placing your chip (or chips) on the line between two numbers such as 2 and 3. Payment is 17 to 1.


You may bet on four numbers by placing your bet between 4 numbers such as 2, 3, 5, 6 and upon winning be paid 8 to 1.


You may bet on three numbers by placing a chip on the transversal such as 1, 2, 3 by placing the chip on the outer line of 1. Payment is 11 to 1.


You may bet on five numbers only in one set; they are 0, 00, 1, 2, 3. Since 31 is not divisible by 5 it pays only 6 to 1.


You may bet on six numbers by placing your chip on two transversals, such as the outer edge of numbers 7 and 10 to cover numbers 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. This bet pays 5 to 1.


You may bet on 12 numbers by placing your bet on the 2to1 space at the end of the table and play 1, 4, 7, 10,13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 31, 34 or either of the other two rows of …

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Bingo is among the most widely used gambling games on the planet, however it has typically been a game title for seniors. Seniors meet up in bingo halls to experience together and revel in some camaraderie. Recently, though, the demographic has transformed for bingo. Online bingo features the overall game to more youthful decades and the overall game is gaining popularity using the youth. While that’s great for the overall game, some worry the internet casinos are harming business for that bingo halls.


Many people, from convenience, prefer to simply play online bingo inside their home instead of visiting a bingo hall to experience against buddies. Tom Greatrex, part of parliament representing Rutherglen and Hamilton West, really wants to make legislative changes to assist the physical bingo halls. The United kingdom politician lately visited Mecca, probably the most popular bingo halls within the United kingdom, where he suggested lowering the tax on bingo.


Presently bingo is taxed in a greater rate than most gambling games and Greatrex really wants to increase profitability for that venues by reducing the tax burden. Additionally, less taxes could cause greater winnings for that gamers.


Speaking at Mecca, Greatrex stated that “bingo has an essential social function in towns throughout my constituency, getting together people of any age and skills for any fun couple of hrs. It’s concerning, then, that bingo ought to be susceptible to greater amounts of taxation than other kinds of gambling.”


While bingo could be loved in your own home alone by playing online, it’s more fun like a social activity, he states. Mega pixel Greatrex authored instructions to Justine Greening, the Treasury Minister, asking for a decrease in the bingo tax.


Play free casino games online

If you are a regular casino player …

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When the final boss has fallen and every secret has been uncovered, where do your games go? Do they forever rest in peace, nestled among their own kind on your shelf, or do they get stuffed into a box and tossed into storage? Or maybe they take a trip to the local GameStop or Best Buy, netting you some handy spare cash or in-store credit?


Whatever their ultimate fate, I’ve got a suggestion for you, and I (almost) guarantee you’re not going to like it. Because you’re right – it’s fair to keep the games you enjoyed around in case you want to revisit them. It’s sensible to display them as trophies. It’s reasonable to trade in your games or sell them on Craigslist for some extra cash. But I’m going to tell you why you shouldn’t do any of those things. I’m going to tell you why you should give them away.


Four years ago, I was on my way home from picking up Christmas presents. Call me a bad boyfriend, but while I had remembered my then-girlfriend’s mother and father in my holiday shopping, I’d forgotten about her siblings and step-siblings – something I didn’t realize until it was too late to go shopping anywhere other than a gas station, because everything else was closed.


These kids love video games, but were still relying on an original Xbox that often malfunctioned or died. We, however, had a spare Xbox 360. I was (and still am) ashamed I hadn’t thought of giving up my excess system sooner. I grabbed it, as well as my copies of Borderlands, Dead Island, and Left 4 Dead, and wrapped them up all in a box.


The look on those girls’ faces when they opened their gift; you …




Agen betting memberikan ulasan mengenai pertandingan sepak bola yang tidak begitu jauh dari permainan judi bola. Apalagi sekarang ini permainan judi bola bisa dilakukan dengan cara online sehingga pemain judi tidak perlu keluar rumah untuk bisa memainkan permainan yang akan menjadikan seorang bettors menjadi pemain judi yang terbaik. Permainan yang sering di lakukan adalah permainan yang mudah, sangat banyak macam permainan yang sangat mudah untuk dapat di lakukan. melakukan permainan judi pun juga salah satu macam permainan yang dapat sangat mudah untuk dapat di lakukan. melakukan permainan judi ini memang akan dapat menjadikan kita yang makin mendekat dengan kemenangan dan keberuntungan.


Melakukan permainan judi selain mudah akan dapat menghasilkan keberuntungan berupa keuntungan juga. Melakukan permainan judi saat ini juga sudah tak dapat jauh dari yang namanya sepak bola. dunia sepak bola yang saat ini yang makin berkembang dan juga merupakan salah satu olah raga yang mempunyai sangat banyak peminat ini sangat wajar andai di lakukan permainan judi. kegiatan atau permainan judi dengan sepak bola ini biasanya melakukan permainan judi taruhan bola.


Taruhan bola memang permainan yang begitu mudah sekali andai di coba untuk di lakukan. banyak kalangan yang sudah sering sekali berusaha untuk melakukan permainan taruhan bola ini. semua macam permainan bola pun dapat di manfaatkan untuk sarana bahan bermain judi. Dengan yang makin majunya era bermain judi taruhan bola ini dapat di lakukan dengan mengunakan internet yang tentunya yang makin membuat kita mudah melakukan permainan judi macam permainan itu macamnya semua nya akan dapat mudah di lakukan.




Agen betting memberikan kita informasi untuk segera bergabung dalam permainan judi bola yang menguntungkan dan menyenangkan. Begitu banyak manfaat dan juga kegunaan memanfaatkan permainan taruhan bola yang dilakukan dengan menggunakan cara online. Oleh karena itu dari itu …

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It may not have the bombastic reveals of E3 or the public accessibility of conventions like PAX, but the Games Developer Conference is always a thought-provoking time of year for gamers. If you’re unfamiliar with GDC, it’s where developers, artists, and experts of all kinds – from massive studios to the latest indie startups – get together to give talks that elucidate the fascinating craft of making games. It’s also a perfect opportunity to show off upcoming games in development – and clearly, GDC 2016 is ushering in the Year of VR.


All the heavy hitters of VR will be at GDC next week, including PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Oculus, and tons of third-party supporters. On top of that, we’ll get the chance to see games that don’t involve strapping gear to your face, as well as learn behind-the-scenes secrets about how some of your favorite games came to be. We’ll be bringing you plenty of coverage from GDC 2016 next week, but for now, here’s what we’re most looking forward to.


PlayStation VR

It’s funny to think that only a year ago, at GDC 2015, we were demoing Project Morpheus, which we now know as PlayStation VR. In the months since, Sony’s done an excellent job of drumming up hype for its incoming headset, with the upcoming PlayStation VR games looking full of promise. But we still don’t know crucial specifics like the price, exact release date, and the lineup of games at launch. That could all change next week, as Sony’s hosting a dedicated event to showcase PlayStation VR in all its senses-immersing glory.


The PS VR price point is what we’re waiting on with bated breath, as it’s the make-or-break metric for the success of new hardware and the number of early …




Cara Paling Praktis Dapatkan Uang Dari Bandar Bola OnlineCara Paling Praktis Dapatkan Uang Dari Bandar Bola Online – Bagi kamu yang sering kali kalah dalam bermain judi bola online bersama bandar bola online kamu jangan langsung hilang semangat atau menyerah begitu saja karena kamu masih mempunyai harapan buat mendapatkan uang dari bandar bola online tersebut. Nah, bila kamu ingin tahu akan cara mendapatkan uang dari bandar bola online maka kami tidak keberatan untuk memberikan penjelasan kepada kamu mengenai cara paling praktis dapatkan uang dari bandar bola online. Dimana bila kamu ingin mendapatkan uang dari bandar bola online maka kamu harus mendengarkan penjelasan kami biar kamu tidak kesulitan saat ingin mencoba mendapatkan hal tersebut nantinya. Jadi mohon kamu perhatikan secara serius jika kamu memang ingin mendapatkan uang dari bandar bola online nantinya. Kami percaya kalau kamu benar-benar serius memperhatikan penjelasan kami maka kamu dengan mudah pasti bakal mendapatkan uang dari bandar bola online nantinya. Walaupun posisi kamu sudah kalah bertaruh bola namun kamu masih mempunyai harapan untuk mendapatkan uang dari bandar bola online tersebut jadi perhatikan dengan serius penjelasan kami agar kamu berhasil nantinya.


Namun sebelum kami memberikan penjelasan yang lebih detail lagi kepada kamu mengenai cara palimg praktis dapatkan uang dari bandar bola online maka ada baiknya juga bila kamu membaca artikel ini yakni Cara Mendapatkan Uang Dari Bermain Taruhan Bola Online. Artikel itu menjelaskan tentang cara mendapatkan uang dari bermain taruhan bola online jadi bagi kamu yang sering kali kalah saat bertaruh bola onlinenya maka Bandarqq silakan kamu artikel tersebut supaya kamu mengetahui akan cara mendapatkan uang dari bermain taruhan bola online nantinya. Bila kamu sudah mengetahui akan cara mendapatkan uang dari bermain taruhan bola online maka secara tidak langsung kamu pun pasti bakal mengetahui mengenai cara dapatkan uang dari bandar bola online. Nah, supaya kamu …

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Agen Bola Terpercaya akan memberikan sedikit informasi yang mungkin dapat bermanfaat bagi para player judi. Ternyata Lebih Menguntungkan Bermain Judi di Agen Judi Online Internet. Disini kami akan memberikan beberapa informasi menarik yang mungkin bermanfaat bagi para player judi. Mencari keberuntungan memang banyak jalannya. Tapi anda mungkin perlu mencoba dengan bermain judi bola online. Untuk melakukan hal tersebut, anda harus pintar memilih agen judi bola yang terpercaya. Kami memberi referensi untuk mencoba di agen Web yang anda baca saat ini merupakan bagian dari agen judi bola poker online  terpercaya.


Kemudahan dan keuntungan permainan judi semua orang penggemar judi bisa mendapatkannya. Apa lagi semua penggemar judi selalu mempunyai keberuntungan yang tertanam di dalam dirinya. Oleh karena itu jika anda menjadi penggemar judi online sejati sangat mudah sekali untuk mendapatkan keberuntungan anda di dalam permainan judi internet. lebih baik bermain judi di internet dari pada bermain judi di bandar judi sekitar rumah yang tidak mempunyai status yang jelas.


Selain banyak keuntungan di dalam internet banyak juga permainan judi yang menguntungkan seperti casino online, taruhan bola online dan masih banyak permainan judi lainnya. Semua keuntungan dan kemudahan bisa anda dapatkan dengan mudah jika bergabung di salah satu agen judi online dalam internet. tetapi pastikan agen judi yang anda pilih adalah agen judi online tepercaya dan terbaik. Pada umumnya tempat bermain judi yang baik selalu bisa memberikan layanan yang baik pula.


Oleh sebab itu anda harus segera mendaftar untuk mendapatkan semua jenis keuntungan yang ada. Cara mendaftar yaitu dengan mengisi formulir pendaftaran dengan mengisikan data diri anda. Selain itu anda juga harus menyertakan nomor HP yang bisa di hubungi dan nomor rekening di bank ternama dan terbesar seperti BCA, BNI dan MANDIRI. Semoga kemenangan akan selalu berpihak pada anda dengan menjadi anggota agen judi online tepercaya.


Master …

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Bayern Munich mampu merengkuh tahap juara musim dingin (Herbstmeister) usai menundukkan Augsburg 4-0. Pernah mengiringi Bayern pada episode perdana, Augsburg kesudahannya keok efek dominasi keseluruhan Die Roten.


Munich melanjutkan pengembaraan mereka pada Bundesliga musim ini dengan melawat ke SGL Arena, berlomba melawan FC Augsburg. Petualangan jarak singkat ke kota Augsburg (yg terletak pada negeri bagian yang sama dgn kota Munich; Negeri Bagian Bayern) usai elegan.


Rombongan Pep Guardiola berjaya mencetak 4 gol sekaligus sukses membela kemurnian gawang mereka walaupun Manuel Neuer berulang kali jauh meninggalkan gawangnya sendiri.


Kemenangan besar itu berasa istimewa karena Bayern meraihnya dari team penghuni status ketiga dalam skema klasemen sementara. Lain unsur, tambahan 3 angka dari pertandingan itu mengepit Bayern menenteramkan status Herbstmeister (dengan harfiah berarti juara musim gugur).


Tanpa mesti melewati 17 pertarungan, Bayern sudah berhasil menyandang tahap juara Hinrunde; juara putaran perdana.


Kinerja pertentangan melawan SC Freiburg dan FSV Mainz 05 nggak hendak mengguncangkan status Bayern pada teratas klasemen, apalagi walau VfL Wolfsburg setaraf konkuren terdekat makbul mengutip sembilan skor dari tiga duel tertinggal di paruh mula-mula. Bayern sementara tersebut mengantongi keunggulan sepuluh poin dr kompetitor terdekat mereka.


Kekuasaan Total & Hari yg Wajar guna Neuer


“Aku merasakan jika semuanya bertambah segar dari hari ke hari, ” ujar Franck Ribery di sebuah wawancara yang hasilnya dimuat di situs resmi Bundesliga pada bulan November yg lalu. Tontonan Bayern sudah tumbuh di haluan yg jauh lebih bagus karena para tokoh sudah bertambah bagus mengetahui satu sama lain, dengan itu pertunjukan lebih lebih baik dari musim silam.


Masalah itu, dari sisi Ribery, yaitu resep pertunjukan super Bayern musim ini. Lewat pengertian antar pemain yg bagus, Bayern mampu menggalang bertambah banyak intimidasi soalnya mereka sukar diterka. Unsur ini jelas tampak untuk pertarungan mengelakkan Augsburg, apalagi pada putaran mula-mula.…

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When to Call and When to Bet”Somebody’s got to keep him honest,” Tom said, calling the bet. The next player to act raised. The original bettor reraised. And poor Tom folded.


“Betting is more a matter of feel than science,” *pimp…* explained to me years ago in Gardena. I had folded before the draw. He had drawn two cards to queens with an ace kicker and made aces up. I knew this for a fact, because he showed me. Because he didn’t want other players around us to hear, his voice was low and conspiratorial. He immediately was raised by a pleasant 97-year-old woman in a frayed pantsuit — well, maybe not 97, but close enough. He called reluctantly, and lost. Poor *pimp…*.


We were playing hold’em and young Harry said, “I’m going to fold. You’ve been bluffing too many times. I think this time you’ve got it.” He threw his cards away proudly. The man he was addressing then said, “You shoulda called me, son,” turning over a jack high with a smirk. He had missed a straight. Poor Harry.


I’m not singling those three players out for ridicule. Sometimes it seems as though these same mistakes are made by practically every Tom, *pimp…*, and Harry you meet at the poker table. And because these mistakes are so common, I think we should examine them today.


Tom’s Mistake


How many times have you heard that “Gotta keep ’em honest” line on casino en ligne francais? Well, there’s a bit of truth in it, because if you never call with questionably strong hands, your opponent can bluff whenever he chooses and will beat your brains out. Now, I tend to be a guy who thinks getting your brains beat out is bad …

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Nothing at all to do with the movie. My company rents editing systems, consults and does various services related to creative editing and high definition services. We have offices in Los Angeles in New York and work on dozens of movies a year, around the world. The biggest movie we did last year was ‘Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.’ We are currently doing movies called ‘RV’, ‘School for Scoundrels’ and several others.


I have been considering offering the game to someone who wants to shoulder the technical responsibility of placing the game online (for free to players,) in exchange for a free license. It would be great for me to be able to direct curious consumers to a site where they can try the game out in advance of getting the game on a gaming site.


I have a highly Cheri Casino technical company and a mind that’s suited for that kind of thing. I’ve been a leader in my industry for about a decade, helping to introduce and pioneer some pretty complex workflows in an industry that is very sophisticated in its technology. I have a good problem solving mind. I am able to get a solid feel for what I’m trying to accomplish and then assess what needs to be done. I wouldn’t say I lead with a mathematical intellect. I use common sense to imagine what I want and math as a tool to validate theories and conclusions to get me there. I designed a gaming platform recently and started by describing in great detail the logical underpinnings and the factors that will come into play for the algorithms that will be run in the software to manage many variables. For me it was a logic, not a math problem. When it …