Summer is back again with sun beating down so heavy. Summer in India is ever a problem for Indians. You guess the temperature to rise over as lofty as 50 degrees centigrade in some parts of the country. When it is summer, you conversation approximately skin darkening, rashes and skin tan. It’s actually complicated to cope up with summer particularly for people with oily skins. You can do a small bit to retain your skin health during summer.

Summer Skin Care Tips


  • tried to ignore going out in midday times, whether it’s inevitable use a sun screener lotion.


  • Apply sunscreen lotion on all sun exposed places 15 minutes before you go out in sun.


  • tried clean your face with cool water regularly.


  • Use fine moisturizing cream to retain skin moisturized all the time.


  • imbibe abundance of water as dehydration effects directly appear on skin.


  • Use natural face packs to give the additional nourishment the skin needed during summer.


  • Use merely the soaps which are not cruel to the skin.


  • Men require using a fine shaving lotion during summer to ignore prolonged irritation.


Apart from these skin care tips, you require to pursue and a fine lifestyle and maintain a hale summer diet to retain your skin and yourself hale in summer. Fine diet which includes lofty content of Vitamin E surely helps your skin to be healthier in summer. Whether you have reasonable skin, you should take much more care to protect possible skin darkening. These easy and practical summer skin care tips can assist you to maintain glowing skin beneath on fire sun! Sounds good? Check more to learn about does my face have the golden ratio

According to physical condition source cucumber juice is helpful for both skin plus …

NETELLER Plc (LSE: NLR), the leading global independent online money transfer business, today issued the following update with regard to its US business and criminal charges against two of its founders.


On 19 January 2007, at the request of the Group, the Group’s legal advisers met with representatives of the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York (“USAO”) to clarify the Group’s position with respect to the complaints brought on 16 January 2007 against two of the Group’s founders, Mr. Stephen Lawrence and Mr. John Lefebvre. Neither are current employees or directors of togel  . In that meeting, the Group pledged to cooperate with the USAO, indicated it was prepared to begin document production promptly, and discussed a potential mechanism for arranging an orderly repayment of funds to US customers.


The discussions between the Group’s legal advisers and the USAO are ongoing. The Group is, under advice of its legal advisers, commencing production of documents and intends to cooperate with the USAO in its investigation.


Following upon the complaints dated 16 January 2007, banks in the US began declining to permit transactions involving the Group through accounts maintained at one or more automated clearinghouses in the United States. Additionally, the Group has been advised that the USAO has obtained court-ordered seizure warrants seizing funds pertaining to the Group’s transactions. To the best of the Group’s knowledge, it believes that the amount of funds seized by the USAO or otherwise restricted by third parties does not exceed US$ 55 million. These funds were largely in the process of being transferred from the Group to its US customers or vice versa.


As a result of the restrictions placed by third parties, court-ordered seizures, and related legal concerns, the Group is currently unable to make …

Users must adhere to the rules outlined in our Terms & Conditions and such rules take precedence over any conflicting provision of these Site Rules. Capitalised terms shall have the meaning given to them in our Terms & Conditions.

A User may only have one User account with Full Tilt Poker and shall only use the Service using such single account.

toto hk conduct is expected of all Users.

Harassment of any User is forbidden.

“Begging” for money (real or play) at tables is forbidden.

Users may not discuss a hand until the action is complete. Discussing cards discarded or hand possibilities are not allowed.

Soft playing is not allowed.

Chip-dumping is not allowed. Chip-dumping occurs when any User intentionally loses a hand in order to deliberately transfer his chips to another User.

Collusion between Users by sharing hole cards or by any other methods is strictly forbidden.

Full Tilt Poker prohibits those External Player Assistance Programs (“EPA Programs”) which are designed to provide an “Unfair Advantage” to players. Full Tilt Poker defines “External” to mean computer software (other than the Software), and non-software-based databases or profiles (e.g. web sites and subscription services). Full Tilt Poker defines an “Unfair Advantage” as any instance in which a User accesses or compiles information on other players beyond that which the User has personally observed through the User’s own game play. We encourage you to read the Prohibited Programs page of the Site.

The use of artificial intelligence including, without limitation, “robots” is strictly forbidden in connection with the Service. All actions taken in relation to the Service by a User must be executed personally by players through the user interface accessible by use of the Software.

All conversation at an active ring game or tournament table must be conducted in English except …

Translation Agency UK



Legal TranslationCentral Translations has specialised in Legal Document Translation for the last 30 years.  During this time we have gained valuable experience in picking appropriately skilled, expert linguists and supporting their work with glossaries, dictionaries and our own in-house knowledge.


We have lengthy experience translating in the following fields:


Claim and Response Packs

expert opinions, contracts

legal agreements


court judgements

witness statements


terms & conditions, privacy policies etc


Our approach

We cannot overstate the importance of getting the right person to do the right job.  From a linguistic perspective, law is a wide ranging sector.  Even within, for example, commercial law technical language and “terms of art” vary hugely depending on whether you are translating a commercial agreement, a property lease, a litigation matter etc.More about Translation Agency UK


In spite of the fact that the original contract is almost always the leading / authoritative document, getting the translation absolutely correct is essential.  Decision making requires precise information.  Language matters.


Example: IPO of World Online, Netherlands, 2000, at that time the largest ever Dutch IPO


The share price collapsed shortly after the listing as it emerged that the founder, Nina Brink, had sold many of her shares before the flotation at a price well below the initial offering price.  Much of the controversy centred on whether the prospectus disclosure that the shares had been “transferred” should have made clear that the shares were in fact sold.  It’s very clear that the meaning of just one word can have a dramatic impact not just on a sentence or paragraph, but on an entire transaction.


Our years of experience and our extensive work with many of the world’s leading legal translators, in many cases over decades, mean that we have an …



Catching up to Cash My Bet


You need serious patience, lots of duplicate documents and a tireless email system if you are going to play at Cash My, an RTG-powered online casino that has been giving players the runaround this year. Here’s an example: Player fills out the faxback form and submits it. Nothing happens for weeks. Player chases casino. Casino says they can’t find it. Player duplicates faxback documents, but a few days later when he again chases the casino it appears that the forms have been found but they need another set because the signature is unreadable. Resubmitted, with a request for confirmation of receipt. No response. Live Support contacted but unhelpful and hangs up. More weeks go by, and then another casino fax telling client that the cash-in has been denied due to illegible faxback forms. Forms again sent, and after several days casino requests yet another send. The customer has now sent in these documents at least six times, but he has the patience of Job and does it again. An ominous silence then descends at the casino and the player can get no response to his repeated and anxious emails. Almost six months later the player is still trying to get a moderate payout from Cash My Bet, and they will not even give him the courtesy of communication. It appears that mediators fare no better. Casinomeister took on the task and after three emails without the courtesy of a response he consigned them to the Rogue Casino list. RTG as usual remain silent and apparently uncaring.


Gold Class (Not!)


Another RTG-powered casino is under the spotlight this week due to an overly long payout delay of a mere $2 000. Perhaps these managers all went to the same …

Togel hari ini

Papan pesan/forum yang berpusat di sekitar game online, mirip dengan yang ada di situs ini, berkembang biak hampir secepat kasino online. Dengan proliferasi forum terkait game ini, kasino telah menemukan cara baru untuk menjangkau pemain. Pertanyaannya adalah, apakah mereka menggunakan papan ini secara efektif?

Pertanyaan yang sama dapat diajukan kepada pemilik forum ini. Apakah mereka menggunakan situs mereka yang dapat diakses publik untuk keuntungan penuh para gamer? Atau apakah kedua belah pihak menemukan bahwa jika Anda “hidup dengan papan”, Anda juga menempatkan diri Anda dalam posisi “mati oleh papan?”


Selama beberapa tahun terakhir saya telah menyaksikan manajer dan / atau karyawan kasino membuat beberapa kesalahan fatal sehubungan dengan bagaimana mereka menggunakan forum publik ini dalam menjangkau pemain. Bagi saya, elemen kunci yang telah diabaikan dalam menggunakan bentuk pemasaran baru ini adalah bahwa hal itu bersifat interaktif, dan di arena yang sangat umum. Namun, pemilik forum dihadapkan pada tantangan yang berbeda. Mereka sepertinya tidak menyadari bahwa dengan menerima uang pemasaran dari Kasino, mereka kini telah memasuki dunia bisnis. Kedua belah pihak telah membuat, dan terus membuat, beberapa kesalahan mendasar dalam cara mereka menggunakan forum publik, dan ini merugikan industri secara keseluruhan.


Sebagai manajer kasino online, saya telah membuat perjanjian suci dengan pemain saya — saya TIDAK akan mengungkapkan informasi pribadi Togel hari ini mereka. Namun, saya sepenuhnya menyadari bahwa ini adalah pakta yang sangat sepihak. Pemain TIDAK berkewajiban, secara moral atau lainnya, untuk merahasiakan informasi apa pun. Mereka bahkan tidak berkewajiban untuk jujur. Perjanjian suci saya dengan pemain saya tidak mengatakan, “Jaga kerahasiaan informasi mereka, kecuali mereka membicarakan Anda terlebih dahulu.” Itu tidak mengatakan, “Jaga kerahasiaan informasi mereka, kecuali jika Anda membela diri.” Dikatakan, “Jaga kerahasiaan informasi mereka … titik.”


Secara pribadi, saya pikir ini cukup sederhana. Namun, kami telah melihat banyak sekali kasino mengungkapkan informasi di forum …

Bitcoin Dice

When the final boss has fallen and every secret has been uncovered, where do your games go? Do they forever rest in peace, nestled among their own kind on your shelf, or do they get stuffed into a box and tossed into storage? Or maybe they take a trip to the local GameStop or Best Buy, netting you some handy spare cash or in-store credit?

Whatever their ultimate fate, I’ve got a suggestion for you, and I (almost) guarantee you’re not going to like it. Because you’re right – it’s fair to keep the games you enjoyed around in case you want to revisit them. It’s sensible to display them as trophies. It’s reasonable to trade in your games or sell them on Craigslist for some extra cash. But I’m going to tell you why you shouldn’t do any of those things. I’m going to tell you why you should give them away.

Four years ago, I was on my way home from picking up Christmas presents. Call me a bad boyfriend, but while I had remembered my then-girlfriend’s mother and father in my holiday shopping, I’d forgotten about her siblings and step-siblings – something I didn’t realize until it was too late to go shopping anywhere other than a gas station, because everything else was closed.

These kids love video games, but were still relying on an original Xbox that often malfunctioned or died. We, however, had a spare Xbox 360. I was (and still am) ashamed I hadn’t thought of giving up my excess system sooner. I grabbed it, as well as my copies of Borderlands, Dead Island, and Left 4 Dead, and wrapped them up all in a box.

The look on those girls’ faces when they opened their gift; you wouldn’t believe how stoked they were. …

Bitcoin Dice

It may not have the bombastic reveals of E3 or the public accessibility of conventions like PAX, but the Games Developer Conference is always a thought-provoking time of year for gamers. If you’re unfamiliar with GDC, it’s where developers, artists, and experts of all kinds – from massive studios to the latest indie startups – get together to give talks that elucidate the fascinating craft of making games. It’s also a perfect opportunity to show off upcoming games in development – and clearly, GDC 2016 is ushering in the Year of VR.

All the heavy hitters of VR will be at GDC next week, including PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Oculus, and tons of third-party supporters. On top of that, we’ll get the chance to see games that don’t involve strapping gear to your face, as well as learn behind-the-scenes secrets about how some of your favorite games came to be. We’ll be bringing you plenty of coverage from GDC 2016 next week, but for now, here’s what we’re most looking forward to.

PlayStation VR

It’s funny to think that only a year ago, at GDC 2015, we were demoing Project Morpheus, which we now know as PlayStation VR. In the months since, Sony’s done an excellent job of drumming up hype for its incoming headset, with the upcoming PlayStation VR games looking full of promise. But we still don’t know crucial specifics like the price, exact release date, and the lineup of games at launch. That could all change next week, as Sony’s hosting a dedicated event to showcase PlayStation VR in all its senses-immersing glory.

The PS VR price point is what we’re waiting on with bated breath, as it’s the make-or-break metric for the success of new hardware and the number of early adopters. You should already expect …

ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล

Grump Ventures, LLC is pleased to announce the June 1, 2001 release of Grump online. Grump, a new variation of multi-player solitaire, can now be played for free at in the browser on any computer.


Grump Ventures, LLC is pleased to announce the June 1, 2001 release of Grump online. Grump, a new variation of multi-player solitaire, can now be played for free at in the browser on any computer.


The introduction of Grump online brings a whole new dimension to multi-player card games. Grump is based on a solitaire layout but, with the addition of a “Grump Pile” and the excitement of three competitive computer players, the challenge is constant and the pace is quick. The

option of playing in Tournament Play allows online players to compete for top spots on the daily, monthly or all time top 100 list. The top scorer for the month is rewarded with a gift from one of Grump Ventures’ sponsors. It’s more than just fun and games, this is the Olympics of card-playing!


Grump is our first game to be offered online and is currently being developed for a number of mobile devices. Look for an online interactive version of the game in 2002, where you can test your skill against your family and friends. We are currently developing other ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล games and applications for personal computers and mobile devices, with the release of our second game expected at the end of Summer 2001.


Grump Ventures develops software for personal computers, handheld devices, and mobile phones. The site serves as an introduction to our company and our other products. We hope Grump will bring you, your family and your friends hours of great entertainment.


Die, dot-com, die!


Not long ago, people walked around …


Too important for govt to decide alone


Legalising gambling dens required a full public hearing and a thorough study as the government could not make a decision without consulting the people, Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has said.


The premier said gambling was a major issue needing a people’s mandate.


He acknowledged a previous study on the pros of legalising gambling and the government had been receptive to the findings.


Mr Thaksin said the “reality” could not be overlooked, given huge foreign exchange losses because neighbouring countries operating casinos freely drew many Thai gamblers.


Legions of gambling dens were also scattered nationwide breeding mafia culture and corruption.


Mr Thaksin said many countries had brought casinos into the open so they could regulate them.


But he stressed no words should be put in his mouth that he endorsed legalising gambling dens.


Although research had pointed to advantages, an in-depth study was in order and needed before a decision could be made on whether to have public hearings.


Mr Thaksin said Chulalongkorn University had done research from the outset but the latest findings were released many years ago. There was a need to expand on existing research or start afresh to keep up with changing circumstances.


The government had paid close attention to underground businesses _ and gambling dens were only one part of that.


The Finance Ministry and the Government Lottery Office were trying to attract people into supporting legal lotteries so fewer would play the illegal lottery system and risk intimidation by bookies.


Mr Thaksin said the government would be willing to push through projects beneficial to the country even if they were met with some resistance.


Thaksin supports proposal to legalise Thai casinos


Aimed at reducing …