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Grump Ventures, LLC is pleased to announce the June 1, 2001 release of Grump online. Grump, a new variation of multi-player solitaire, can now be played for free at www.grumpventures.com in the browser on any computer.


Grump Ventures, LLC is pleased to announce the June 1, 2001 release of Grump online. Grump, a new variation of multi-player solitaire, can now be played for free at www.grumpventures.com in the browser on any computer.


The introduction of Grump online brings a whole new dimension to multi-player card games. Grump is based on a solitaire layout but, with the addition of a “Grump Pile” and the excitement of three competitive computer players, the challenge is constant and the pace is quick. The

option of playing in Tournament Play allows online players to compete for top spots on the daily, monthly or all time top 100 list. The top scorer for the month is rewarded with a gift from one of Grump Ventures’ sponsors. It’s more than just fun and games, this is the Olympics of card-playing!


Grump is our first game to be offered online and is currently being developed for a number of mobile devices. Look for an online interactive version of the game in 2002, where you can test your skill against your family and friends. We are currently developing other ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล games and applications for personal computers and mobile devices, with the release of our second game expected at the end of Summer 2001.


Grump Ventures develops software for personal computers, handheld devices, and mobile phones. The site serves as an introduction to our company and our other products. We hope Grump will bring you, your family and your friends hours of great entertainment.


Die, dot-com, die!


Not long ago, people walked around …


Too important for govt to decide alone


Legalising gambling dens required a full public hearing and a thorough study as the government could not make a decision without consulting the people, Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has said.


The premier said gambling was a major issue needing a people’s mandate.


He acknowledged a previous study on the pros of legalising gambling and the government had been receptive to the findings.


Mr Thaksin said the “reality” could not be overlooked, given huge foreign exchange losses because neighbouring countries operating casinos freely drew many Thai gamblers.


Legions of gambling dens were also scattered nationwide breeding mafia culture and corruption.


Mr Thaksin said many countries had brought casinos into the open so they could regulate them.


But he stressed no words should be put in his mouth that he endorsed legalising gambling dens.


Although research had pointed to advantages, an in-depth study was in order and needed before a decision could be made on whether to have public hearings.


Mr Thaksin said Chulalongkorn University had done research from the outset but the latest findings were released many years ago. There was a need to expand on existing research or start afresh to keep up with changing circumstances.


The government had paid close attention to underground businesses _ and gambling dens were only one part of that.


The Finance Ministry and the Government Lottery Office were trying to attract people into supporting legal lotteries so fewer would play the illegal lottery system and risk intimidation by bookies.


Mr Thaksin said the government would be willing to push through projects beneficial to the country even if they were met with some resistance.


Thaksin supports proposal to legalise Thai casinos


Aimed at reducing …

Qiu Qiu

If Somebody Asked Me I’d Say…

  1. Not knowing what it takes to be a winner.

Being driven by unreality and false hopes. It takes 52.38% winners to break even. Seasoned pros understand that at least 50% of all pointspread decisions are decided by serendipity…a random stroke of good or bad fortune. Respect, even fear, the Luck Factor. Be satisfied with anything around 60% winners and be grateful for anything above it.

  1. Being undisciplined in managing your money.

Letting losses depress or immobilize you; impulsively forcing the action in an irrational way. You’re not going to be a winner with foolish money management. There’s no such thing as the law of averages in sports betting. Never bet more than twice your normal play no matter how promising a game may look. Trying to get even (e.g., on a Monday night) can be a curse. View the handicapping exercise as you would a 12-round fight. You’re not going to win every round; it’s the overall final decision that counts. Establish a steady pattern of play. Remember, if you play too fast, you can’t last. And if you play too slow, you gotta’ go. Moderation is the key. Just like in life itself.

  1. Lacking patience.

Failing to look for every edge, both in the pointspread dissection and the current up-to-date assessment of the teams. Shop for the best prices on each game. A half-point here and a point there is often the difference between a winning or losing season. Don’t play bad numbers. If you’re dealing with only one source, you’re going to be at a disadvantage. Don’t overreact to injury reports, especially those involving high-profile players. The pointspread will usually reflect the news by the time you hear it. And besides, good teams often compensate while the opposition may become overconfident.

  1. Failing
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Every time I tell someone I am headed to Vegas, someone always gives me $20 and says “Blow it on Megabucks—we’ll split the winnings.” And needless to say, I never hit anything, but the allure and excitement of possibly winning millions of dollars on a single spin of the reels is so mind-bending that people give you money to play on their behalf!

But now, your friend doesn’t need to give you money to spin for them—they can do it themselves on any one of a number of progressive jackpot slot machines on the Net. And what’s better, they have much better odds of winning!

Progressive slot machines are taking the Net by storm. While the online gambling industry continues to attract new clientele at a strong clip, it is clearly online progressive slot machines that are now driving this continued growth. With this demand came the need for portals which specialize in providing progressive jackpot information—and the two largest, Jackpot Madness and Jackpot Mania offer a number of different progressive machines to tickle your fancy.

Jackpot Madness screenshotThe first and largest, Jackpot Madness, is operated on behalf of casino software suppliers Microgaming, with arguably the largest base of licensees and players online. By the time you read this, it will have paid out over $53 million in winnings to nearly 2,000 happy winners. Jackpot Madness currently features five progressive slots and one progressive video poker event Situs Judi Online24Jam Terpercaya 2021

CashSplash—the world’s first online progressive slot machine, features a standard three-reel slot machine, with a jackpot starting at $5,000 and rising as high as $171,000 in one instance. Three CashSplash symbols with full coin-in ($3) wins you the jackpot, which falls on average once every day!

Lotsaloot—a 50¢, three-reel, five-line machine, Lotsaloot has already attracted a legion of …


In my opinion, the most compelling evidence that self-proclaimed psychics cannot predict the future is that none of them are billionaires. I know with absolute certainty that if my predictions about what would happen one hour in the future were just 5% more accurate than random chance, I would have been able to retire to my own private island years ago. Predicting the future in this manner in a casino can make someone rich. Predicting the future in this manner in the world’s capital markets, … well, that’s just in another league. Many people have claimed to have an edge in the casino of world finance, and most of those have wound up broke. In The Predictors, Thomas Bass chronicles the story of a group of scientists who use their expertise in the field of nonlinear dynamics (chaos theory) to try to beat the biggest casino of all.


In a previous book, the entertaining but unfortunately out-of-print Eudaemonic Pi, Bass chronicled the story of how a group of UC Santa Cruz students developed equipment, strategies, and procedures that allowed them to beat the game of roulette, at least when their equipment was working. In that book, Bass mentions, almost parenthetically, that members of this group were doing some research in the field of nonlinear dynamics, more commonly called chaos theory. What he didn’t tell the readers is that this group of researchers performed some truly groundbreaking work that helped lead to fundamental breakthroughs in how scientists understand the natural world. In The Predictors, Bass chronicles the story of two members of this original group, Doyne Farmer and Norman Packard, as they try to use what they learned about predicting the behavior of chaotic systems to predict the movement of the financial markets.


In this book, Bass intertwines the …


This week, a long-overdue precedent was set when the operator of a sports gambling Web site was convicted in the first case of its kind to go to trial.

The New York jury found that Jay Cohen, 33, had broken the U.S. Interstate Wire Act of 1961 by accepting bets and wagers on sports events via the Internet and telephone.

Cohen, the president of World Sports Exchange in Antigua, was among 22 defendants charged in March 1998. In a statement, U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White said the San Francisco, California man was the first individual to stand trial in the United States for running such an offshore operation.

Cohen was the only one of the defendants to return to the U.S. to face the charges, arguing that he operates a perfectly legal and regulated ปั่นสล็อตเว็บไหนดี gambling site in Antigua. The jury disagreed, and found him guilty for accepting a bet from a resident of New York — a state where gambling is illegal.

Benjamin Brafman, Cohen’s attorney, claimed that the jury was biased by the judge’s explanation of the Interstate Wire Act.

“I believe that the legal instructions provided by the court gave the jury no choice but to find Mr. Cohen guilty,” Brafman said. “I do not believe that this verdict will survive appellate review and we have every intention of pursuing a vigorous appeal for Mr. Cohen.”

Faces a 19-Year Sentence

Cohen faces a maximum prison term of five years on one count of conspiracy to violate the Wire Wager Act and two years on each of seven other related charges. Sentencing will take place on May 23rd before U.S. District Judge Thomas Griesa.

Prosecutors alleged that people like Cohen have tried to skirt U.S. law by running their operations from jurisdictions that allow gambling, including Curacao, Panama, …

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New betting kiosks that will allow sports bettors to place bets when the casino’s sports book is closed should be available for the upcoming football season.

Developed by Internet Sports International (ISI) in conjunction with American Wagering, the company that owns Leroy’s sports books, the kiosks allow bettors to place sports bets without having to transact at the sports book counter. Thus, players can make bets after hours, or in casino locations away from the sports book.

So far, about 15 sports books have installed the betting kiosks, according to William Stearns, ISI president.

“One location was so remote that the device will present the first opportunity for the locals there to participate in a hands-on sports book activity,” Stearns said. “The small casino and its patrons are very happy.”

The first sports betting kiosks were sent to field trial more than a year ago. They were set up to handle up to $1,650 in wagers per day per bettor, who has his photo taken at the time of placing his bet.

The bettor’s image is then stored in the machine’s situs judi poker database and used to “recognize” the player when he makes additional bets, thus ensuring he doesn’t exceed the $1,650 per day limit.

The machines, like ATM’s, accept cash through a bill acceptor. Through the kiosk’s touch screen or computer keypad, the player can search the menu for betting lines, point spreads or race entries. There are even glossaries that explain the myriad of sports and race bets.

Once a bet is selected, a ticket is printed for the player. Just like the ticket-in, ticket-out slot machines, the ticket, if it is a winner, can be inserted back into the kiosk in order to make additional bets, or it can be cashed at the casino cage or …

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Business Wire – dot com Entertainment Group, Inc., through its wholly-owned subsidiary corporation, dot com (Antigua) Ltd., announces that it has entered into a license agreement with Rock International Limited, a company owned by Victor Chandler, to deliver and install a suite of Internet casino technologies in September of 2001.

Rock International is also reviewing the possibility of licensing dot com’s Internet Bingo technologies, which would occur subsequent to the launch of its Internet Casinos.

Victor Chandler first established gaming operations in London in 1946. In addition to Rock International, Victor Chandler also operates Victor Chandler International which comprises its headquarter operation in Gibraltar with 350 staff and the Riviera Casino in Antigua, on-track operations at major British racing and golf events and marketing operations in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Malaysia and Japan.

Victor Chandler has been involved in the racing and general Situs Judi Bola sports betting and bookmaking business for over 50 years and has consistently been recognized as the most innovative and dynamic player in the sector. The Group’s annualized revenues are estimated to exceed US$650,000,000.

In addition to purchasing dot com’s internet gaming technologies, Rock International will also purchase the e-digital services of Inferno Media, dot com’s in-house advertising firm, who will assist in developing and brand its Internet Casinos. dot com’s technologies will be used by the Victor Chandler to run a Victor Chandler Casino brand, as well as affiliate Internet Casino brands.

“Given their experience in this sector and their international and land-based presence, we expect that Rock International could quickly become our largest licensee,” said Scott F. White, dot com’s President & CEO. “With the assistance of the e-digital services of Inferno Media, we anticipate that Victor Chandler’s Internet Casinos will become leaders in the competitive e-gaming sector.

“The fact that this group has …

Judi Online Qq

Who would have thought it? Two weeks have passed since we set out on our own “Tour de France” and I heard in the last few days that all the Home Nations have qualified for the next round. Brilliant, who are Scotland playing?

Napoleon’s Tomb, Paris, France.

I have struggled to keep up to date, (wifi in France isn’t great) with things whilst we have been on the road, so maybe I missed something. Did Judi Qq UEFA finally actually act against Russia? Did they reinstate Scotland? Are the chances of those two things happening the same?

OK, so now you know that the final game I watched at this tournament was Wales against Northern Ireland. With the break between the group stage and the Round of 16, I was lucky enough to have time and good weather to explore Paris.

Louis Vuitton Foundation, Paris.

The Louvre, Petit Palais, Louis Vuitton Foundation, Napoleon’s Tomb, Pere Lachaisse, Centre Pompidou were all visited where exhibitions of art by Rousseau, Paul Klee, Albert Marquet were viewed. But my favourites were The Beat Generation, with as well an exposition at the Philharmonie de Paris featuring The Velvet Underground (yes the ones that wrote I’m waiting for my man. Never early, always late, – you know who you are!).

Pere Lachaise – Oscar Wilde’s tomb, Paris.

Looking for positives in the football I have witnessed is proving difficult. The real positives lie in having visited nine French cities, and sampling the food. Everyone knows about Paris, and I have just listed a few of the things you can see there.

We were lucky enough to have good weather in Nice which helped to make it my favourite city. If you’ve seen the photos you may notice the difference, and understand why I choose it as …




How the saga involving Jason Culina ends will take its natural course. But the fact an A-League side is holding its own in negotiations with the current PSV and Socceroos midfielder is being lauded as a milestone for the domestic game.


Culina is a first choice for national team coach Pim Verbeek and arguably plays at the highest standard of any of Australia’s overseas stars in Eindhoven after appearing for PSV in this year’s Champions League.


The 28-year-old son of former Sydney FC coach Branko is rarely injured and was one of the country’s outstanding players leading into the 2006 World Cup.


His form over the past 12 months for the national team hasn’t perhaps maintained that same level. But he has retained his position in Togel PSV’s midfield under coach Huub Stevens and has been offered extended terms to remain with the Dutch club when his current deal ends in June.


Reports suggest Croatian outfit Dinamo Zagreb are the other major European player in the hunt for Culina’s silky services. But it’s the ballsy ambition of expansion A-Leaguers Gold Coast United which has made the overseas heavyweights sit up and take notice.


United have reportedly offered Culina a three-year $3.6 million deal to become the club’s marquee acquisition with Gold Coast coach Miron Bleiberg believing the fledgling club have presented the most attractive all-round package.


“My understanding is that we are his top choice but if something comes up that interests him more, then I’ll accept it,” Bleiberg told the Gold Coast Bulletin.


“To date, the only Socceroos players who have come home have been just one step from retirement. With Jason you are looking at a player in his prime.


“Even at a big club like PSV, he …