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Having described themselves as being inspired by darkness, unknown landscapes and creatures under the bed, French post-punk / shoegaze four-piece Cheri Cheri Jaguar will be releasing their debut single “Jaguar” through Haus of PINS.

Formed in December 2012, Sacha (Vocals, Synth), Arthur (Guitar), Malik (Drums) and Alex (Bass, Synth) spent the Christmas period jamming together in Paris. After the initial writing sessions, Arthur returned to NYC and the process continued as they sent tracks back and forth over the Atlantic. The trio were then reunited with Arthur in Brooklyn wherethey recorded the fruits of their labour at Strange Weather (DIIV, Friends, TEEN).

Inspired by the first ever Haus of PINS release (PINS’ self-released Shoot You/Eleventh Hour E.P), Cheri Cheri Jaguar released their single “Jaguar” on both cassette and CD.




Originally from Russia, Anna Vtorova has lived all over the world and has picked up a lot of musical inspiration along the way. Starting the band ‘by accident’ in 2011 as a noise-maker wanting to get a few things off her chest, Female Band went on to release her debut EP ‘Goodbye New York Forever’ through label Italian Beach Babes (run by Conan from Mazes).

Following a brief collaboration with friend and fellow musician Melissa, Female Band went from ‘one girl making music with another girl making noise’ back to one girl doing a bit of both. Now back working solo, Anna has taken a turn down a darker electronic route for ‘Jacksonville’.

Female Band has developed her sound to be more brooding and electronic, drawing comparisons to PJ Harvey and the moodier side of Massive Attack. Anna describes the dark and sexy ‘He Takes Her On The Dance floor’ (side A of the cassette) as a tribute to ‘Mezzanine’ by Massive Attack. The title track ‘Jacksonville’ tells of ‘a typical town anywhere… veryone knows everyone and strange things happen at night… once you leave you won’t ever go back again.’



Describing their style as ‘fuzzy and reverb-soaked garage pop’, the latest offering from self-proclaimed ‘gang of wives’ September Girls continues on that lo-fi, garage pop theme. The raw sound of these catchy guitar-driven nuggets comes from self-producing in their own Dublin studio with the help of Sean Goucher (The #1s, The Pacifics).

The Haus of PINS cassette is the quintet’s fifth in a string of releases since their formation in 2011. They released their debut tape (and 7″ vinyl “Green Eyed”) with Soft Power and two subsequent 7″ records (‘Wanting More’ with Matinee in the U.S.A and ‘Talking’ with Cork based label Art For Blind).

“Ships” / “Flesh” released 7/09/13 on cassette.



Abjects are Noemi (Spain), Yuki (Japan) and Matt (New Zealand). They met in the big smoke and started banging out music in early 2013. Despite the band’s self confessed lack of technical ability (with Yuki never having played a bass before and Matt switching from guitar to drums ‘for fun’), they manage to play two minute noisy nuggets of music that pay homage to 60s psychedelia. They say, ‘It’s an ode to an individualist and nonconformmist view of life. It sounds punk and cult at the same time and we like that.’

‘Fast Love’ three track cassette released on Haus of Pins on 19/07/13.




Pins amalgamate woozy, reverb laden guitars, uncompromising basslines and insistent, pounding drums. Layered vocal harmonies deliver deft lyrics with a decidedly pop aesthetic, with nods to 60’s garage rock. They released Shoot You/Eleventh Hour as a double A side cassingle in early 2012 then later in October they delivered a 4 track EP ‘LUVU4LYF’. Full length album ‘Girls Like Us’ will be released on 30th September 2013 via Bella Union.

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Iresistible pop hooks cut through decadently lazy, distorted guitars – King DJ delivers pulsating psychobilly reminiscent of early The Cramps and The Gun Club. Languidly lethargic vocals, wry imagery and an idiosyncratic attention-to-detail infuse and elevate this lo-fi project to something more exciting, something more lingering… The breathless thrash of Hold Me Down and effortlessly ethereal U Gon And Dun It comprise this brilliant double A side cassette.