A Chat With Chad, Creator of California Cheri Casino Hold’em – Pt 2

Cheri Casino
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Nothing at all to do with the movie. My company rents editing systems, consults and does various services related to creative editing and high definition services. We have offices in Los Angeles in New York and work on dozens of movies a year, around the world. The biggest movie we did last year was ‘Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.’ We are currently doing movies called ‘RV’, ‘School for Scoundrels’ and several others.


I have been considering offering the game to someone who wants to shoulder the technical responsibility of placing the game online (for free to players,) in exchange for a free license. It would be great for me to be able to direct curious consumers to a site where they can try the game out in advance of getting the game on a gaming site.


I have a highly Cheri Casino technical company and a mind that’s suited for that kind of thing. I’ve been a leader in my industry for about a decade, helping to introduce and pioneer some pretty complex workflows in an industry that is very sophisticated in its technology. I have a good problem solving mind. I am able to get a solid feel for what I’m trying to accomplish and then assess what needs to be done. I wouldn’t say I lead with a mathematical intellect. I use common sense to imagine what I want and math as a tool to validate theories and conclusions to get me there. I designed a gaming platform recently and started by describing in great detail the logical underpinnings and the factors that will come into play for the algorithms that will be run in the software to manage many variables. For me it was a logic, not a math problem. When it comes to calculating those algorithms, I’m leaving it to the true mathematicians. But I did do a lot of math for California Hold’em to validate and test different odds theories in relation to the game theory for poker as described by David Sklansky and others.


I just mentioned David Sklansky. I really enjoy his books and his 2+2 forum.


The rules are the exact same as Cheri Casino Texas Hold’em. The deck is just slightly different. There are 60 cards instead of 52. There are four 11s and four 12s. The 10s and 11s are unsuited. Everything else is the exact same. The 12s are suited just like every other card. The 10s and 11s have no suits at all and have ‘UNSUITED’ written across them. The odds change because of the additional cards, but the rules themselves and the game play when compared to Texas Hold’em, do not. You can use the 10s and 11s for rank (pairs, full houses, etc.) or straights (they fall logically between the 9 and the 12 in value.) You simply cannot use 10s or 11s to make a flush or straight flush. You can make a Royal Flush with the 12-A.